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Mission Statement

Our goal is to bring information and understanding regarding the various levels of Gynarchic and Matriarchy practices. We endeavor to increase the awareness of the Black Orchid Gynarchic Society (BOGS) so that we may network, make friends, support Women owned and operated businesses and support each other like sisters in a large family. We are a positive force assisting Women to accept their inherent splendor and to take steps towards self-empowerment for their own happiness and in order to better the world we live in. There are hundreds of groups in the USA that are mostly Women who are attempting to help the earth, help other Women, help children, and make this a better world in general. Before now you may not have seen this as a Matriarchal or Gynarchic practice, although it is. This site is further dedicated to the understanding and knowledge that Gynarchic clubs, socials, and groups exist everywhere in the world. The United States will be our main focus. 

Understanding Gynarchy

In the simplest definition, Gynarchy is the practice of Women in Power. Most often this word is used in a political form meaning "government of Women". Gynarchy has many different practices and levels of participation. We also use the word in conjunction with Women Self-Empowerment. Gynarchic lifestyles are becoming more obvious, public, and more acceptable. Most countries have Women in powerful governmental and corporate roles. We are aware of many Queens being the governmental power and there were several pharaohs that were Women. More Women have held powerful and governmental roles than most know. Once you start learning about Gynarchic principles you will understand that Women have always had the power in the home and even a strong government influence. Most agree that one of the most oppressed Female groups have been Arabs. There is still gender-based discrimination but they have progressed into many important positions in organizations and institutes as well as choosing to be single parent families. The USA 2009 elections had many Female influences, showing that the acceptance of Gynarchy has begun. We hope that you and your friends embrace this new age of humanity, of Gynarchism. 

We want you to understand that it is as simple as
Women always have had the power
and Women always will rule!

Note that throughout the site that the word 'Women' and 'Female' are spelled in a normal fashion. Many lesbians and feminists spell the word as 'Womyn' as a means of separating them from men. A Gynarchist spells 'Women' and 'Female' as commonly seen because it shows that men/male are only a part of Us. We are the whole. We invite those who use the alternative spelling to embrace the normal spelling and our views of how the word is separated showing the word is indeed matriarchal. 

The amount of variance on Gynarchic belief is demonstrated in our Gynarchic Principals Table. On the left you will see general relaxed elective lifestyle Gynarchic principles. On the right you will see the more extreme Gynarchic mandates. These are just a few examples to give you an idea of how there are vast differences within Gynarchism - and there are in-between concepts as well some that use some of each column. 

Matriarchy has always been a part of our society. Mother rules! The Grandmother tends to be the Matriarchal leader of Her family. She births, teaches, assists, and helps to keep the family together as a loving and supportive group.   In inching Gynarchy into the world you will find all Women are happier and our children will be healthier, happier, and better educated. 

In the USA's pursuit of gender equality men have attempted to lessen the degree of  their responsibility to Females and Families. Now, We demand that men do as they should and support the family. Even if the man is no longer a part of the family unit, it does not lessen the fact that the man should provide for Her and Her children. Women can take  men to court to enforce Child Support. This is Our Right and our responsibility to our children so that they receive the best possible care.

All changes take place first in the home. How We raise children determines how the teenagers will act. No matter where you are located in the USA you know the lack of respect for the Mother and elders in general is not acceptable. We believe this has been an unfortunate side effect in our attempt to reduce child abuse. Many parents fear corporal discipline may lead to losing their children. This has resulted in a nation of children who have become smart-mouthed, disrespectful, dangerous, gang members, and spoiled brats. As Mothers of the world it is Our duty to raise children in a manner that will enhance the world. We need to express the importance of firm rules, limits, and acceptable actions of our children. Women should shift their home to a Matriarchy Rule for the betterment of everyone. If you are more interested in Matriarchy then please visit Black Orchid Matriarch Society  (BOMS).

In relationships with men, Woman should shift life to one of Gynarchism. If all Women took this action men would soon understand that they need to be respectful and responsible. Slowly they will change their focus from themselves back to the Women and the Families. We do not live in Utopia but we can make changes that will affect everyone we come in contact with and everyone our children meet. Years away Utopia may be on the horizon from everyone taking a Matriarchal and Gynarchic steps now.

Some of the BOGS groups are lesbian oriented, most are BDSM oriented, some are Female Supremacy oriented, and some are politically oriented. There are Gynarchic groups that firmly mandate Female Supremacy including dedication to change the entire social and political structure of the world. Some groups think the Gynarchic Rule should be accepted as an elective lifestyle whereas the marriage vows would be re-written and could even include a lesbian couple owning a man as part of the ceremony.  This site will focus on the complete domination of men for the enhancement of the family.


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